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I want to take this opportunity to thank you for subscribing to my blog and following my story. My initial goal in sharing my journey with anorexia was to support and connect with others who may be struggling in some way. The unexpected bonus has been how much this blog has helped me put some pieces have into place that, even during treatment, I had missed. Allowing me to connect some significant dots that will, fingers crossed, keep me on a healthy path.

I’m ready to share my recovery process. It was four years ago when I initially reached out for professional help, and it continues to be an ongoing process. Yes, I am much healthier today, mentally, emotionally and physically but there are still some sticky spots that have the potential to trip me up if I do not stay focused and present.

In some ways it is more difficult to write, and talk, about the recovery process. Not only does it still feel fresh, but there were some painful unexpected life hurdles that occurred along the way that caused me to zig when I needed to zag. I am determined to stay open and honest in my sharing. I will not allow the shame of this disease to creep in and tempt me to half ass my story. I just won't. So I am taking this week to contemplate how I want to write about my recovery journey.

My front porch. My favorite place to contemplate, write ice cream.

I will be back next week, and I will attempt to make Part Two a “no tissues required“ kind of thing.

Thank you again for you ongoing support. Your willingness to read and engage in conversation via email, texts, social media and face to face chats (including the ones that took place in Starbucks lines or the produce section of New Seasons) have meant the world to me. I look forwards to more.




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